This is  my 5th post in 21 day writing challenge hosted by Jeff Goin


I became a victim of severe depression in late 2012. There were multiple reasons for that. My life became so grim and I lost all the hope. There wasn’t any bright sunshine nor any silver lining as far as I could see. It seemed like there wasn’t anyone or anything that could help me. My parents, siblings all left me in the time of need. I felt helpless and cried day and night. The only thing in which I found peace was the remembrance of Allah. But I desperately needed someone to whom I could tell my pain and sufferings. In other words I  needed a shoulder to cry on.

Then one day I received a message of  my very close friend on face book.  We studied in the same school from grade 5 to grade 9. She was always very supportive and sympathetic.  I knew that she would understand my situation so I decided to tell her of my worries. She listened to me with patience and offered me the best advice. I felt lightening of my burdens after talking to her . My depression has been cured thanks to her wonderful dose of kindness.

I will remain grateful to her forever. For me she has been a life saver. She gave me a new hope, a new direction and most importantly she told me to remain positive no matter how hard the circumstances are. She also said that whenever I need any kind of help or just need someone to talk, I can always message her and she would be there for me.


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  1. owaiz
    Oct 12, 2014 @ 14:06:25

    I’m glad it’s over for you.



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