5 tips for spending a perfect day

  • Light walk in the garden


If you go outside before sunrise you will notice a light breeze that will refresh your mind. Believe me that feeling is bliss. I would recommend exercise but if you don’t like it then light walk is fine.

  • Coffee and whole grain blend

I love coffee, who doesn’t? Well, a good cuppa coffee at the start of the day will keep focused and alert. Caffeine has a half life of 5 hours which means that even after 10 hours you will have it in your system. Instead of having bread or cake, you should take whole grain cereal. It not only improves digestion but also prevent sloppy, sluggish feeling throughout the day (my observation). Staying away from carbs will help you lose a few calories too.


  • Say goodbye to negative thoughts

Before starting your work, clear your mind of all the negative thoughts. Plan your day in a few steps inside your brain. Try to follow these steps. Kill the devil inside you 😉

  • Green tea at noon

After coffee, I love green tea. Green tea has numerous benefits but I am not going to write them here, there will separate post for that. It helps in detoxifying of harmful substances in our body and prevents dozing in the middle of the work. It was a real problem for me till I started green tea.

  • Little nap and a light lunch

Eat light lunch. Add vegetables and fruits. Take a nap for 1 hour. When you wake up, you will feel refreshed and satisfied because your day has run smoothly.


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