Change your life today


Getting up in the morning grumpily, eating breakfast reluctantly, going for a job or school in which you have absolutely no interest in and then at the end taking sleeping pills to sleep…
I sketched the daily routine of most people in the world. Eating, sleeping, making money, is this all? Is this the reason we were given this wonderful life? Are humans just capable of doing simple tasks? The answer to all questions is absolutely a big NO. We all know what humans can do. From going to Mars, Moon to the invention of mobile phones, all this is because human abilities. Humans are indeed are supernatural creatures. We, humans, can do wonders only when we seriously think about it and not merely shrugging the idea as “imaginary things”. In 1800s the idea of a mobile phone or an ipad would surely be a joke.
So today I invite you all to change your life. Do something other than the normal. Change your routine. Bring a smile on someone’s face. Donate a dollar. Take pleasure in simple things. Do something extra ordinary and never doubt your abilities and who knows you may invent some cool gadget.


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