The importance of daily writing

It is true that writers are born but it doesn’t mean that other people can’t write. I believe that everybody has a writer in him. Some nourish it until it blossoms while other suppresses it until it is only a tiny bud buried deep inside the soil. Daily writing has a lot of advantages. It is an obligation you should fulfill everyday even if it means writing only two lines. Today I am going to highlight a few important points on writing daily.


• Discipline
By sitting at a proper place with no distractions, writing daily, you create a sense of discipline in your life. This discipline will gradually be followed in your day to day activities. Sitting in a calm place also soothes the mind.
• Self help
People who are fighting depression or other kind of mental diseases, writing is a great self help tool for them. It can help to let go of negativity and bad feelings. Believe me, it can give you sense of ease and satisfaction, like a heavy burden has been unloaded from your shoulders.
• Great writers
Small writing habits and tiny articles can eventually lead you to become a great writer if you really put your heart and soul to it. Stephen King and J.K.Rowling,both emphasize on creating daily writing habits. Nobody can become the author of bestselling books without practice. Practicing daily is the key. There are no shortcuts in writing.


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  1. me
    Feb 12, 2015 @ 01:39:49

    It sounds easy, but it isn’t. Sometimes, I get so full of inspiration, but short of words to put them down… at such times, I just have a coke and sleep off. Lool.

    It would be really awesome if one could break through mind blocks, and write about everything at absolutely anytime!!

    Thanks for sharing though. Truly, constant practice makes perfection.

    Cheers Blogger.

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    • bariyah faisal
      Feb 12, 2015 @ 06:56:06

      Yeah this happens with me too. Bloggong has helped me alot in my writing. There is a fear in my mind that my blog will be a total mess if I don’t write daily. That keeps me going. Thanks for sharing your thoughts:-)

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