Revival of letter writing


Letters were always the most beautiful form of communication. Sleek envelopes, crisp, creamy papers made the letter writing a pretty task. It is basically an art. Choosing a paper, stamp, envelope and waiting for the arrival of a letter, is it not a beautiful art?
But unfortunately it has died. Now with one click you can send an email thousands of miles away. But an email lacks etiquettes and a proper discipline. Nobody has the time to write a good, composed letter. Seeing this sad demise of letter, Drew Bartkiewicz, founded the app “lettrs”.


I am not here to promote the app. I wanted people to revive the art of writing letter through this app. With one look at it, I completely fell in love with this app, as if I was always looking for it. The app has numerous writing themes to suit your mood. You can search different letters through filters like staff picks, pen pals or tags. And guess what, you can actually send a letter to your pen pals, a real letter. Isn’t that amazing? I haven’t tried it yet but I think it is cool. Every few months, the staff of lettrs organizes small competitions. Last month they asked us to write a list of songs which we can incorporate in our lives. These small tings make the app all interesting. If you don’t want to write a public letter, you can choose a private category.

This app is great for creating daily writing habits, conveying your meaning to the world or for simply expressing your hidden emotions. By expressing your deep emotions, you can even surprise yourself. Just go and take a look at it. I am sure everyone, including people who are not writers, will take a liking to it. It is available for both android and apple phones.


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