Something from the archives

A barbaric act


Walking under that banyan tree
Breeze so cool, brushed my face
I was lost in deep thoughts
There came a memory so sharp.
Playing, laughing under the same tree
She was cute, blue eyes twinkled,
A dimple formed.
I was at some distance from her,
As always, in some thought.
“Will you play?”, her voice brought me back
She smiled and it was like an angel had come
When I was about to answer,
She came running,
But never made it.
A deafening sound of blast pierced my ears.
I was saved
But she was lost…
Lying in cold blood…
Her lips wore a smile, like nothing happened
Why her? I thought
She was so pure, not a single sin
But the terrorists don’t see the purity
They are so blind.


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