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     Writing is not about making beautiful sentences; it is about putting one’s emotions and feelings on the paper. It is about immersing one self in the world of writing. The writing can be poetry, fiction, nonfiction etc etc. I have been living in this world for many years. Basically I read a lot. I remember when I was in 7th grade; I used to borrow four, five books at one time from the school library. The books had to be returned after one week. I used to finish all those books. Nobody ever believed me. But I did finish because I loved and still love drowning myself in the world of books.
The love of reading took me on the journey of writing. It is much tougher than reading. Obviously. I used to watch bey blade and then started writing their episodes reviews. That was the beginning. After that I started poetry. I never knew that I had a poet in me. One day in 7th grade, our English teacher asked us to write a poem on different topics. I chose the topic snow. Surprisingly, the teacher loved my poem. She asked if she could keep it and I said yes. For the next seven years, I focused on poetry. I evolved as a poet and started sending my poems to different young adult magazines. I also wrote a novel during that time, “The shadows of the past”.
In 2014 I started guest blogging on a famous blog named, “Finding never land”. After few months I started my own blog on blogger. I deleted that blog because I found it boring. Then I made the WordPress blog. WordPress is nice and pretty and very easy to manage. Now I have two blogs: Rainbows and storms and Living with OCD and depression. I write poems, articles, letters, book reviews on “Rainbows and storms.” On “Living with OCD and depression,” I write my journal entries.
I don’t have too many followers but it has been only 3 months and I am doing it for my love of writing, not for the stats.
I hope you guys (my followers) like my effort. That was my journey. Tell me yours in comments. Happy reading 


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  1. AJ
    Jan 25, 2015 @ 15:01:22

    Pretty similar bariyah…. So not much left to say after your post☺

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