For the love of animals


  -Animals are such agreeable friends. They ask no questions, they pass no criticism.

                                                                                                         George Eliot.

I love animals. I have always loved animals even when I was a little kid. There is a childhood photograph of me sitting with a big, brown hen. I was one and a half. When I first saw that picture I wondered, “Why wasn’t I scared of that huge hen?”

I never got the answer but I know one thing. I love animals. And honestly they love me back. It is like they understand it. After all love is a universal language.
I had many pets in my life. Currently I have none as my sister is allergic. My first pet was a rabbit. He was snowy white with light green eyes. He was so adorable. After few weeks he got lost. We never found out where he had gone. He was just gone. I was very sad on losing him. The loss broke my tiny heart: P

After that we had 3 rabbits. They went down the rabbit hole and never returned. Then we had three rabbits. They multiplied and in 3 months they became thirty. Whoa!! Many baby rabbits were eaten by a big, brown cat which used to come in our house solely for his lunch or dinner. I hated that cat.
Well, I think it is going to be a long story of my pets but bear with me it is not boring. At least not for me:P After that rabbit reign in our home, I found a kitten in the backyard. The kitten was calling for her mom but the mom never came back to her kitten. How sad! I adopted that kitten and soon we became best friends. But unfortunately she also died within one month of cold. I loved her more than any of my pets. Besides that kitten and rabbits we had two birds, four goats and two partridges. Our backyard looked quite a mini zoo. We moved to another city and for two years we didn’t have any pets. Then I found two kittens of one week at our new home. They were cute, playful and soon became the love of my life. But another tragedy struck and we had to give them away because of my sister’s allergy. She was diagnosed with asthma. I guess, I am very unlucky regarding pets.

Kittens are very difficult to care for but they also love you the most. They tried to cheer me up when they sensed that I was sad or depressed. They made me happy by cuddling or by putting their paws to my cheek. How adorable! That was really cute and it used to make me laugh. It was very hard for me to let them go especially the first kitten, Skitty.

I don’t know if I will be able to keep pets because I get too much attached to them and it is hard to move on after their deaths.
Share the interesting stories of your pets in the comments. Happy reading 🙂


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