My first interview experience


I never had any interview in my high school or college entrance test. My first interview was on 31st December 2014. It was the part of the admission process in the university. My entry test went fine but I was a little nervous for my first interview. It wasn’t meant to be a professional type interview but a candidate could still be rejected on the basis of a bad interview.
Well, my dad gave me some advice and he also gave a book on body language. It was a little help. The timing was 9 am but it got late and I was called half an hour later. (I had the 1st merit)
There were four professors. The room was airy and it smelled of books, old parchments and ink. They asked me to tell something about myself. I told them about myself academically. I told them about my writing and my blog. They were kind of impressed. I told them that I love journalism and I would probably take admission in mass communication. I also told them about the novel I had written, the shadows of the past. That was it and it ended in smiles and thank you.

It was the good, thrilling first time interview and I am eagerly waiting for my second one: P But it is not in the near future
Guys, share in the comments your first interview experience. Happy reading 🙂


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