The mobile phone craze


A cell or mobile is much more than a device of call and sms. It is like a robot nowadays. A robot which intends to make the life easy. Some people use it constantly like there is no life without it. I have seen people busy with their cell phones even when they eating or watching TV. Smartphone doesn’t even let you have your dinner in peace. Ha! 😀
I am not one of those people but I certainly use my Smartphone to great extent. It is like second best friend. I mostly use it for reading e-magazines, e-books, movies, and pod casts. Pocket and Aldiko (The e-book reader app) are for sure my very good friends. No surprises: D And now flipboard has evolved into a greater store of magazines so my life is incomplete without it. My mind is full of digital colors.
I think everybody should use a Smartphone but not to the extent that they can’t leave it for college or some other important work. It is supposed to make our lives better. It is not here to interrupt a smooth, sailing ship 

Share in the comments for what purpose you use your mobile besides calling and sending messages.


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  1. The Chaos Realm
    Feb 05, 2015 @ 20:38:36

    I don’t have one…LOL

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  2. dancingpalmtrees
    Feb 13, 2015 @ 07:58:35

    Checking the temps, taking photos, using my Kindle App, reading the NY Times and checking my email. For some people Cell phones are an umbilical cord that needs to be cut especially when you’re in a museum. How can people just sit in the galleries texting, talking, IMing while Caravaggio is right in front of them? Too many people have been assimilated into the SmartPhone Borg Hive (apologies to Star Trek fans). Actually in some cases the phones may be smart but the public is not so smart!

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