My guest post on read plash

Here is the link to my guest post  “Stop Worrying What others Think of You; Their opinion don’t matter” on read plash. Enjoy 🙂

Do you guys worry what others think of you? Share in the comments. Happy reading 🙂


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  1. julzybee
    Feb 10, 2015 @ 13:11:16

    I never worry about what others think of me, of course I will maintain respect for them if I am respected as well. If I am going to do something someone else doesn’t approve of, I will just remove myself from their personal space and go elsewhere..however when I have something to say, I just say it, regardless of whether or not they approve or disapprove, agree or disagree. I prefer to AGREE TO DISAGREE WITH NO PERSONAL HARSH FEELINGS. I want people to know what I want, need, feel, sense, etc.
    . If you fake your personality to try to impress someone else, you will eventually get tired 😫 of trying to please the person BC u are constantly doing and/or saying things that are unnatural to you. Inevitably, you will “crack” to speak. Your “true” self WILL eventually come out. So DON’T LET OTHERS’ OPINIONS GUIDE YOUR ACTIONS!! DO be you..God made you unique for a great reason. Wouldn’t it be boring if we all felt the same way about everything!? There would be no wonder or surprises, no challenges or successions..just the same ole, same ole!! 😞 I 💜 that we’re all different creatures with different likes and dislikes. It keeps life interesting. And we truly can learn from one another using opinions to give us food 😋 for thought..but we should only conform to change for ourselves first and foremost and in cases where you are a mother, a wife, a friend or family 👪 members who holds someone they 💜 in high regard , enough to want to change something that has a negative impact on your relationship with each other , that is the only thing that makes me want to try different ways of getting things done in the way that’s most likely going to become sacrifices to make another person’s 💜 glad, which in turn, makes your ❤ glad too. It’s a great feeling. Trying to please others when it’s making you miserable is not the path that leads to happiness so if that’s what is expected of you, MU OPINION IS THAT YOU SHOULD PART WAYS..BC TO ENJOY LIFE, YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO BE YOURSELF AND PEOPLE WHO DON’T APPRECIATE THAT JUST HAVEN’T GROWN 👆 YET! ❤ BEING U😊👌

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