Pure love

Salina was writing for half an hour when she noticed some one staring. She looked up. It was Afzar. She got up and went straight to him.
“So now you are following me?” Said Salina
“No, it is a coincidence.” Said Afzar
“I will report you.”
“I am sorry but I am not following you.”
His face became red as if he was feeling ashamed or guilty.
“You watch me.” Threatened Salina
The next few months were Afzar free for Salina. He started avoiding Salina in the office. It was a relief for her. Meanwhile Salina was climbing ladders of success. She passed her CSS exam which is very difficult to pass in Pakistan. She was thinking of getting a foreign office job but hasn’t worked on it yet. She loved her current job but she needed to climb up in her life.
Today was the ususal bright, warm day. But it wasn’t usual for Salina. She was having a bad feeling about something. Her instinct was trying to tell her that something really bad was going to happen. She shrugged the feeling and went to work. There was a huge pile of files so Salina decided to work late.
Salina was getting tired as the clock struck 10. She pushed the work aside and decided to take a break. But at once the table shook violently, its contents sliding down.
“Salina get up, Get out of here.” Somebody said
It was Afzar.
Salina started to walk out of the building with him.
“Are you ok?” he asked
“I am okay. Just go and rescue other people.”
It was a 7.8 magnitude earthquake and Salina was lucky to survive thanks to Afzar. The building collapsed, the cars stopped. Everyone went out in the open. Afzar was helping in rescue operation so her dad came to take her after the earthquake.
“How many casualties?” asked Salina
“More than 200.” Amna said
“Oh my God.”
“Thank God you are okay. If Afzar weren’t there…”
“I would have died. How did he know I was at the office? I don’t usually work late.”
“He will be come here in the evening. You can ask him.”
“How are you?” asked Afzar
“I am okay. Just this post earthquake depression won’t go away.”
“Are you done with rescuing?”
“Can I ask you something? How did you know I was there?
“If I tell you, you won’t believe.”
“I sensed that you were in danger an hour before the earthquake. I kept telling myself it was stupid but the feeling got stronger like some telepathic connection. I asked Amna about you.”
“Are you into me?”
“I love you but I never stalked you.”
They both laughed.
“You are so successful, you deserve some one better.”
“Well, it is up to me to decide what it better. Will my join me for coffee tomorrow?”
“ Yeah,”
Afzar couldn’t believe his luck. Pure love is like a magnet.


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  1. Nicola Young
    Sep 06, 2015 @ 22:03:34

    I would like to know how she was feeling before the earthquake, what is was that led her to think something bad was going to happen. What was it about this incident that changed her feelings towards Afzar? Had she been feeling guilty about the way she spoke to him? Did she feel relieved when he came back for her? Did she see something in him that she hadn’t realised was there, for example, compassion?

    Liked by 1 person


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