6 reasons why people blog

The common definition of a blog is: “A web page that serves as publicly accessible personal journal for an individual. A blog often reflects the personality of the author.
There are various reasons why people blog. I, being a blogger, have been reflecting on this question for some time. Everybody has its own purpose, agenda and motivation to start a blog and then take it to the next level. In the beginning when this whole blogging thing started, people used it as the online journal. Now the blogging thing has grown and is used for multiple purposes:-


1. For the love of writing.

There are people like me who love to write even if it is silly, mundane that no one wants to read it. They still write because they love it. Writing is freeing one self and blogging has become a great platform for it. No matter what type of blog you are going to start, you have to write and write exceptionally well for people to pay attention to your ideas.
2. Business
Since the number of people using the internet is growing, the business companies have taken up blogging to advertise their products and increase their sales. They get reviews and change their strategy accordingly. Business companies interact with the buyers. Thus blogging helps in promoting products to a greater extent.
3. Journaling

Journaling is a therapy itself. But writing daily in a diary is no fun. Everybody desires that his voice is heard. People record their day to day activities. In this way they are not only dealing with their issues but are also getting connected to people with same problems. They together can come up with wonderful solutions. For example I suffer from OCD and depression so I have started a blog about it in form of a journal. A random comment of “stay strong” or don’t lose hope,” gives me confidence and hope.
4. To make a difference in a society
There is a lot of injustice in today’s world. There are people who want to do something about it but they don’t have enough resources so they start blogging. Blogging gives them a platform to raise their voices. Their voice is heard by hundreds and thousands of people who can come together to make a difference. Social issues like domestic abuse, children and women rights are mostly discussed by people wanting to make a difference.
5.For creativity and fun

Well, there are people who are naturally creative. They do crafting, invent new things etc etc. They post their crafting projects online. Blogging about their favorite crafting projects gives them confidence. It also gives them followers who admire their work. If you want to make a school project, Christmas gift or birthday card, you can search these blogging sites and you will get lots of creative, unique ideas.
6.For Education
Some people want to educate on a specific topic they think they specialize in. It can be anything from writing tips to graphic designing.
Share in the comments the reason you blog. Happy reading 🙂


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