6 reasons why people blog

The common definition of a blog is: “A web page that serves as publicly accessible personal journal for an individual. A blog often reflects the personality of the author.
There are various reasons why people blog. I, being a blogger, have been reflecting on this question for some time. Everybody has its own purpose, agenda and motivation to start a blog and then take it to the next level. In the beginning when this whole blogging thing started, people used it as the online journal. Now the blogging thing has grown and is used for multiple purposes:-


1. For the love of writing.

There are people like me who love to write even if it is silly, mundane that no one wants to read it. They still write because they love it. Writing is freeing one self and blogging has become a great platform for it. No matter what type of blog you are going to start, you have to write and write exceptionally well for people to pay attention to your ideas.
2. Business
Since the number of people using the internet is growing, the business companies have taken up blogging to advertise their products and increase their sales. They get reviews and change their strategy accordingly. Business companies interact with the buyers. Thus blogging helps in promoting products to a greater extent.
3. Journaling

Journaling is a therapy itself. But writing daily in a diary is no fun. Everybody desires that his voice is heard. People record their day to day activities. In this way they are not only dealing with their issues but are also getting connected to people with same problems. They together can come up with wonderful solutions. For example I suffer from OCD and depression so I have started a blog about it in form of a journal. A random comment of “stay strong” or don’t lose hope,” gives me confidence and hope.
4. To make a difference in a society
There is a lot of injustice in today’s world. There are people who want to do something about it but they don’t have enough resources so they start blogging. Blogging gives them a platform to raise their voices. Their voice is heard by hundreds and thousands of people who can come together to make a difference. Social issues like domestic abuse, children and women rights are mostly discussed by people wanting to make a difference.
5.For creativity and fun

Well, there are people who are naturally creative. They do crafting, invent new things etc etc. They post their crafting projects online. Blogging about their favorite crafting projects gives them confidence. It also gives them followers who admire their work. If you want to make a school project, Christmas gift or birthday card, you can search these blogging sites and you will get lots of creative, unique ideas.
6.For Education
Some people want to educate on a specific topic they think they specialize in. It can be anything from writing tips to graphic designing.
Share in the comments the reason you blog. Happy reading 🙂




We talk about our problems every day. We talk about all the bad things in our life. But we never talk about all the blessings we have. Everybody has problems in his life and everybody has something to be thankful. For the past few days I have writing about my depression and all the bad stuff in my life so today I thought why not write about the numerous blessings I have. Well, to be honest I am totally blank. I don’t know what to write and I feel ashamed. I thank God once a week maybe, but that is simply not enough. God has given me knowledge, a brilliant mind (self obsession ;)) and the talent of writing poetry. These are the blessings I can’t imagine my life without. I have been blessed with a wonderful sister and a nice, huge home. I can eat healthy food and drink clean water. Millions of people in this world are deprived of basic human necessities. If you wake up in the morning healthy and fresh, consider yourself lucky. If we stop complaining and just start counting our blessing then believes me life will be much easier and stress free.

5 tips for spending a perfect day

  • Light walk in the garden


If you go outside before sunrise you will notice a light breeze that will refresh your mind. Believe me that feeling is bliss. I would recommend exercise but if you don’t like it then light walk is fine.

  • Coffee and whole grain blend

I love coffee, who doesn’t? Well, a good cuppa coffee at the start of the day will keep focused and alert. Caffeine has a half life of 5 hours which means that even after 10 hours you will have it in your system. Instead of having bread or cake, you should take whole grain cereal. It not only improves digestion but also prevent sloppy, sluggish feeling throughout the day (my observation). Staying away from carbs will help you lose a few calories too.


  • Say goodbye to negative thoughts

Before starting your work, clear your mind of all the negative thoughts. Plan your day in a few steps inside your brain. Try to follow these steps. Kill the devil inside you 😉

  • Green tea at noon

After coffee, I love green tea. Green tea has numerous benefits but I am not going to write them here, there will separate post for that. It helps in detoxifying of harmful substances in our body and prevents dozing in the middle of the work. It was a real problem for me till I started green tea.

  • Little nap and a light lunch

Eat light lunch. Add vegetables and fruits. Take a nap for 1 hour. When you wake up, you will feel refreshed and satisfied because your day has run smoothly.

Living with OCD: entry #3

This post was originally published on my other blog.

Living with OCD and depression

This week people all over the world people are celebrating OCD awareness week. It is good for people who suffer from it. At least some one is raising voice for them. People who suffer from OCD face two challenges in their life:
1. The constant battle in their brain
2. Telling people it is a serious disease, it is NOT A JOKE.

I Think people still don’t get it. Maybe it is because it is such a complex disability that even  suffer take years to fully understand it. It is okay if you don’t get it but please stop making fun or jokes about it. “I am so OCD”, is not a beautiful personality trait. I don’t know why people enjoy saying it.
I don’t know how to raise awareness about a diease let alone a disease nobody cares to understand it. I am writing about OCD. I am following…

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It is not Malal’s fault

this is my 6th post in 21 day writing challenge


  Everybody knows Malala, not only in Pakistan but she is known worldwide for her stand on education. But if you are living in Pakistan you either support Malala or you call her American agent. But whichever groups you belong to, you need to make few things clear.

      Well, Malala like all the children of swat never had a childhood like ours. While we had no worries, she and her family lived under the constant fear of Taliban and not to mention the fear of closing down of her school. She realized the importance of education because it was taken from her by force. And while many of us were busy in our lives, she was out there taking a stand for girls’ education.

      Few days ago I was reading an article and in which the writer said that women are dying in Palestine and you wonder why we hate Malala. Is this a joke? How can it be Malala’s fault? She has got nothing to do with her. Some people argue that she got so much attention but the other women dying for this country don’t get much recognition. For God sake, she did not ask for the attention, did she? We, Pakistanis, gave her that attention. And who says that we don’t value the sacrifice of other women? We value the sacrifice made by them and we sincerely hope that it does not go in vain.

       Another point that people argue on is that 25 million children in Pakistan are out of school and she is getting free education in England. 25 million children are not her responsibility. Its government responsibility and they should fulfill it. And in case you forgot, Malala’s father made a school and she gave much of her award money to the girls who could not afford education.

      I think Pakistan is a nation of confused people. We always want a hero but when that hero is born, we are not sure whether to recognize him/her as hero or to go against him/her. Maybe its time we overcome this confusion and start giving credit to people who deserve it.

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