A letter


Dear A.B.C.

I don’t believe in love. I have never believed in love. For a moment when I met you, for one flickering eye contact, I thought love was real. Pure and real. That moment of love vanished as soon as it came. It wasn’t enough to make me believe in love. Meet me someday, maybe then I will believe.


Mary Anne


A letter to Sugar (Cheryl Strayed)


Dear Sugar,

I am reading your books, the tiny beautiful things and wild nowadays and they are really amazing. They give a lot of knowledge about this cruel world. The book, “tiny beautiful things,” tells us that life is indeed cruel and anybody who wants to succeed in this world has to go through difficult times. Hard work is the key to success. There are no shortcuts. Sugar, you are sympathetic and compassionate. The way you used to reply to the problems, warmed my heart. You  had a difficult life but instead of bowing down, you kicked them and rose to the top. I am cherishing every moment reading your books.

All the best to your writing career.

P.S. When is your next book coming?



A letter to my childhood


Dear old childhood,
It has many years since we parted our ways. You were beautiful. No worry, some little stress of homework, the rest was fine. My best friend at that time was Sumbal and it was fun partying and playing with her. Going to the park every evening and partying at night was beyond fun. It was magical. But what I lacked or you failed to give me was the loving parents. Everybody, from the next door neighbor to the teachers at my school, adored me except my parents. Well, except that everything was pretty much fine.
I thank you childhood for setting the wonderful base of a good human that I have become. It is not narcissism, just a little self love. Everybody deserves a little of that. I write to you more, some other day.
Till then,

A letter to myself


Dear 19 years old Bariyah,

Being young was fun. Childhood, teenage years are always playful and wonderful. I remember you had a “stupid” habit of worrying even when there was nothing to be tense about. What pains me is that in all those years you never overcame that stupid habit. Maybe it is because you thought  that worrying is a part of your life and parting with it would be like giving away a part of yourself.

Anyways, I am proud of you. You achieved what I couldn’t imagine at that time. You are stubborn and that is a good thing as you stood firmly. You fought every problem that came your way. You are fighting depression and OCD without going into drugs. Life always teaches its rules the hard way. But there are not many people who learn the rules. You learned them and incorporated them in your life.

If I could meet you , I would say the one thing, ” I am really proud of you buddy”. Despite the ride of ups and downs , you moved on bravely. This is success, believe it or not. You never got admission in medical college but that’s okay because this is life. Remember that quote from the fault in our stars, “This world is not a wish granting factory”. It is very true.

Your battle is half won so don’t give up now.

Lots of love,

13 years old Bariyah

Revival of letter writing


Letters were always the most beautiful form of communication. Sleek envelopes, crisp, creamy papers made the letter writing a pretty task. It is basically an art. Choosing a paper, stamp, envelope and waiting for the arrival of a letter, is it not a beautiful art?
But unfortunately it has died. Now with one click you can send an email thousands of miles away. But an email lacks etiquettes and a proper discipline. Nobody has the time to write a good, composed letter. Seeing this sad demise of letter, Drew Bartkiewicz, founded the app “lettrs”.


I am not here to promote the app. I wanted people to revive the art of writing letter through this app. With one look at it, I completely fell in love with this app, as if I was always looking for it. The app has numerous writing themes to suit your mood. You can search different letters through filters like staff picks, pen pals or tags. And guess what, you can actually send a letter to your pen pals, a real letter. Isn’t that amazing? I haven’t tried it yet but I think it is cool. Every few months, the staff of lettrs organizes small competitions. Last month they asked us to write a list of songs which we can incorporate in our lives. These small tings make the app all interesting. If you don’t want to write a public letter, you can choose a private category.

This app is great for creating daily writing habits, conveying your meaning to the world or for simply expressing your hidden emotions. By expressing your deep emotions, you can even surprise yourself. Just go and take a look at it. I am sure everyone, including people who are not writers, will take a liking to it. It is available for both android and apple phones.

A letter


Dear ABC,
I found love in an odd place. I was broken and wavered. You put the pieces of me together and opened the door of  my heart. You entered so swiftly that for once I thought I was perfect.
You love me but above all you made me love myself. I did not know that I have this cute, big smile until I met you. I think I owe you my life. Thank you for everything.

Yours loving,

A letter to myself


This is my 15th post in 21 day writing contest

Dear Bariyah,

Try to find solace in nature. The chirping of birds, rustling of leaves and cool breeze freshen he mind. Getting close to nature will help you in your path to success. Don’t listen to your negative voice. You don’t have to go to him when you know I am always there for you.

Regards, Emiline (your positive inner voice)

A Letter to myself

This is my 11th post in 21 day writing challenge hosted by Jeff Goin.


Dear Bariyah,
Solitude is bliss. Its like flying in the air and flowing over the water at the same time. Solitude gives you the sense of freedom. With freedom comes overflowing cup of happiness. And happiness is something rare in your life. I understand that is the reason you crave solitude so much. But you can’t live your life in the bubble of solitude. You have to make a choice. In your choice, you may have to sacrifice something close to you. Choose wisely!
Emiline (your inner voice)

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