Some verses


The colors of rainbow

fade in front of her eyes

The Earth trembles beneath

her feet

The beauty of his eyes

disappear  instantly

And her life crumbles

in a fraction of a second.


The colors of my life


I paint my sorrow

in black and grey

My pen bleed in red

The letters I wrote to you

came back in black box

I dream in red circles

and black lines

My life is all white

with no trace of joy.

Don’t let your dreams fade into oblivion

dream-quote-george-lucas       dream

Wikipedia describes dream as “the successions of images, ideas, emotion, sensations that occur in sleep. This is a definition of sleep. But today I am not talking about this dream. I am about talking about the dream of successful life, great career, healthy living, peaceful lifestyle, etc, etc.

   “Don’t let your dreams fade into oblivion”. I read it somewhere and it has stuck in my mind. Everybody has come in this world for a purpose. A beautiful purpose. Some people are born to change the destiny, some are born for greater good of this world. Well, all people have a purpose but most of them fail to recognize it. They lead a mundane, lazy life not knowing that a challenge waits them. Nobody is  supposed to live an easy, carefree life. Life is a challenge, you have to accept it with an open mind and start working on it as soon as possible. To fulfill your greater challenge, you have to dream. Everything begins in mind and heart. Great people dream. They believe that everything is possible.


  Daydreaming is not bad contrary to popular belief. People think that a person who daydreams is lazy and is not capable of doing anything noteworthy. This is absolutely wrong. But simply don’t dream. You have got to believe your dream, work on it and then see it come true in front of your eyes.

A wise man once said,”You must dream big for only big dreams have thee power to move the minds of men”.

An excerpt form my diary


      This world is crazy and stupid. Don’t you agree? I don’t think that there is anybody who clearly understands the phenomenons going around in this world.

For instance, you work extremely hard for something but life denies you that thing. And then there is something that you didn’t work hard to retrieve but it is given to you in silver platter. How absurd that is….

I always say that life is life, it is not a heaven. That sentence has helped me a lot in testing times. This life is difficult to live for normal people but for people suffering from mental disorders, it is hell. Pure hell. Well, not always 😀

Sometimes the circumstances become so worse. You feel hopeless. Extreme hopelessness grips you like you are carrying  a heavy weight in your body and in your mind.

But folks let’s not lose hope. There is always a hope, a silver lining even in the ugliest, darkest place.

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