In my fingertips


I can still feel it

in my hands,

in my heart,

deep down in my fingertips

the ferocity of his love,

the tinkling of his touch,

the warmth of his hug

 and the purity of his heart


A letter


Dear A.B.C.

I don’t believe in love. I have never believed in love. For a moment when I met you, for one flickering eye contact, I thought love was real. Pure and real. That moment of love vanished as soon as it came. It wasn’t enough to make me believe in love. Meet me someday, maybe then I will believe.


Mary Anne


They say love is all you need
But I think
love is fake
The broken promises,
the feeble vows,
the shattered hearts
and the tearful faces
This is all I see
And I choose
not to believe
in this mundane love

Happily ever after


Hand in hand with him,

Dancing and singing

He is my world

He looks amazing in black

and I in white

We vowed, we promised

to love each other for infinity

No wounds and no stitches

Only love

His heart is my heaven

I will never leave it

I will live there

happily ever after.



I held on to you
for immeasurable time
I have kept finding you
in the night sky
I have kept looking out of my window
hoping against hoping
that I would see you
like the old times
But all I see is white, cold breeze
gripping my heart
I haven’t given up
I will find you, my love
I will find you

In your eyes


I saw in your eyes

the twinkling star,

the brilliant, dark sky,

the wondrous world,

the glamorous, shinning hope

And when I saw you

I knew

that I belong with you.



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