You are not lost

For the boys and teachers and small children, who were brutally murdered by Taliban in Peshawar school. We salute you. Crush Taliban. Crush terrorism.


You are here

My boys

You will always be here

You died as a martyr

Your blood is fresh

Your message is alive

My boys

We will stand with you

united as one

The hope is alive

My boys

You are not lost

My boys

Your death tore us apart

but the light is here

And we are not gonna put it out.

You are here

My boys

You are not lost

Peshawar massacre


The Peshawar massacre,
The air was still that day,
and the next day,
and even after the next day
The deafening silence,
The heavy fog
even at noon
As if the nature was
covering and protecting
the world
from the merciless humans…
The flowers never blossomed,
The trees mourned,
The sun refused to smile
It was cold
So cold,
as if your heart is
being ripped apart
The cold bloodshed…

Black Day : An Imprecation for mankind!



The black day is imprecation for mankind. The little learning buds who had just started their relay of life aren’t a part of the race anymore. The innocent souls crushed in the name of religion and their bereaved families being showcased on the television send a chill down the spine.
Some child must have been forced to do homework a day prior for submissions but who knew that submission will be the last one. Another innocent face must have had plans for their birthday celebration in the evening, who would have wondered that birthday would convert to the death anniversary of the little bud. Some must have pleaded in front of parents to stay at home due to biting cold, but who knew they won’t ever return again. Now the regrets will last a lifetime for them. Which of their parents knew they are dropping their child to school in…

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