Fly in the wild


Even though I am free

It feels like  I am being chained

My mind shows me boundaries

beyond which I can’t reach

I wanna know what it feels like

To fly in the wild

with my arms wide open

And I wanna know

what it feels like to dance

in the rain

with rain drops pouring on my lips

And here in my little prison

I promise myself

That I will break these shackles, these binds

 I wanna know what it feels like

To live freely…




If I never get to heaven

Will you still be here for me?

Will you still love me unconditionally?

And if I never get to heaven

Will you left me alone

in the deep?

Will you push me from the

great height ?

Or will you catch me?

If I never get to heaven…

Inspired by a song “Never get to heaven” by Sarah Blaine

The colors of my life


I paint my sorrow

in black and grey

My pen bleed in red

The letters I wrote to you

came back in black box

I dream in red circles

and black lines

My life is all white

with no trace of joy.



She remained firm facing tough times

They remained cruel, forcing her to surrender

She remained stable, drying her tears

They remained hard, multiplying her sorrow

She remained strong, trying to hold on

They remained brutal, destroying her from inside

She remained unshaken, nursing her bruises

They remained harsh, increasing her pain

She remained happy, overcoming her sadness

They remained helpless in killing her happiness.

My prayers denied


I asked for sunshine

But got rain instead

I asked for harmony

But got no peace

I asked for success

But failed in pursue of it

I asked for forests

But got barren land insterad

I asked for freedom

But got a cage instead

I asked

But didn’t get any answer.

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