A Fighter



Fraction of a second

The colours of rainbow

fade in front of her eyes

The earth trembles beneath

her feet

 The beauty of his eyes

disappear      instantly

And her life crumbles

in a fraction of a second.

Some verses

Seeing your wounds

Seeing you in so much pain

that you cant even scream

I should feel great

I should feel that kind of satisfaction

when you have won a battle

But honestly

I don’t feel anything

You have gotten what you

inflicted upon yourself

The only best thing I can do

is to leave you

and never come back

Some verses

I sit on the porch one chilly night

 My mind assembles new memories

My wounds are healing

The happy memories shine in my head

And I smile at the irony of it

Source: Some verses

The Symphony

My poem “The symphony” got published in Us magazine.



A rug

Life is like a rug

made with stones on the border

and yarn in the middle

It is soft in the middle

full of beautiful memories

On the edges it is hard

There are thorns that make wince in pain



Getting lost in the aroma of fresh coffee

I reflect on my life

The near death experiences, the overflowing joy

My life is an amalgam

A set of beautiful but painful memories

That sometimes keep me awake at night

and sometimes they are my motivations for a bright tomorrow

The Land of Pure


We stand in the large ground

Singing the national anthem with full devotion

The white, green flag soaring high in the sky

Our faces beaming with pure joy

We wonder how blessed we are

And we thank God for bestowing us

with the land of pure

Amid chaos and terrorism it  stands

fighting with courage never seen before

We are so proud of you

and we promise,

we won’t let you down

This is the land we live for

This is the land we will die for

Pakistan Zindabad!!



The dream of Iqbal

The impossible turned into reality

The hard work of Quaid

The sacrifice of million lives

The gold, glistering Oscar

The fearless nuclear

The blood of a martyr

This is my country

This is my Pakistan




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