A letter to myself

Dear Bariyah,
Take it easy. Don’t worry. Everything is gonna be fine. Take a deep breadth and please deactivate your panic button.
Tomorrow see the rising of Sun. It will have a nice effect on you.
Emiline (your positive inner voice)

A peaceful morning on the beach—and you’re published!

When Bloggers Don’t Blog

I Used To Have Hair

Most of my blogger friends have stopped writing.

will blog 4 foodWhen I started blogging, it seemed like everybody and their dog was starting up a new blog and writing. I immediately started following a community of bloggers, left comments, and tried to get all of them to read MY blog. If you go back to some of my earlier posts, you’ll see a lot more comments than you do now.

And that’s fine, though…because I no longer write for them. I no longer write for you (sorry). I write for me, whether it’s good or bad. So if nobody reads the blog, I’m actually alright with that. I’m still going to throw my two cents out there and hope that the people who DO read my blog are entertained.

I think therefore I blogSo yeah…other bloggers.

I can give you a list of about a dozen bloggers who used to be in my whole “writer’s circle” who…

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Blogging: Where do I start?

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