Writing after a long time!


Writing after a long time seems like seeing your first love after many years. All those beautiful memories, the,the butterflies in the stomach, the tinkling behind the ears, all come rushing back. Writing is my first love. When I was a little kid, my  only dream was to be a big, successful  writer. And that is the reason I started my first book when I was 12. I thought that in two years I would have a successful career but alas, my childhood wishes. Being a professional writer is one hell of a job and I think I am not ready for it yet. I am trying my best to polish my writing skills through this blog and through my poetry.

One thing that is bad about writing is not having enough money. First you have to get your degree, find a job to solve money issues and then go back to your writing life.

This is what makes things tough. So writing is definitely not easy! Happy reading 🙂


My first interview experience


I never had any interview in my high school or college entrance test. My first interview was on 31st December 2014. It was the part of the admission process in the university. My entry test went fine but I was a little nervous for my first interview. It wasn’t meant to be a professional type interview but a candidate could still be rejected on the basis of a bad interview.
Well, my dad gave me some advice and he also gave a book on body language. It was a little help. The timing was 9 am but it got late and I was called half an hour later. (I had the 1st merit)
There were four professors. The room was airy and it smelled of books, old parchments and ink. They asked me to tell something about myself. I told them about myself academically. I told them about my writing and my blog. They were kind of impressed. I told them that I love journalism and I would probably take admission in mass communication. I also told them about the novel I had written, the shadows of the past. That was it and it ended in smiles and thank you.

It was the good, thrilling first time interview and I am eagerly waiting for my second one: P But it is not in the near future
Guys, share in the comments your first interview experience. Happy reading 🙂

An excerpt from my journal


Dear diary,

For the past 15 years I have been searching for the reason to love my life. On some days I found numerous reasons. But those reasons at some point forced me to hate life. This love-hate game has not ended. It is going on and I don’t know how long will this game go on.

Maybe it is the beauty of life. Sometimes you fall in love with blue sky, shapeless clouds, falling waters, blowing wind and at the same time you hate cold winters, sweaty summers, the daily life problems.

I think every life in this world has a purpose even a small rat. When this job is fulfilled, we die. This is LIFE.



A letter to myself


Dear 19 years old Bariyah,

Being young was fun. Childhood, teenage years are always playful and wonderful. I remember you had a “stupid” habit of worrying even when there was nothing to be tense about. What pains me is that in all those years you never overcame that stupid habit. Maybe it is because you thought  that worrying is a part of your life and parting with it would be like giving away a part of yourself.

Anyways, I am proud of you. You achieved what I couldn’t imagine at that time. You are stubborn and that is a good thing as you stood firmly. You fought every problem that came your way. You are fighting depression and OCD without going into drugs. Life always teaches its rules the hard way. But there are not many people who learn the rules. You learned them and incorporated them in your life.

If I could meet you , I would say the one thing, ” I am really proud of you buddy”. Despite the ride of ups and downs , you moved on bravely. This is success, believe it or not. You never got admission in medical college but that’s okay because this is life. Remember that quote from the fault in our stars, “This world is not a wish granting factory”. It is very true.

Your battle is half won so don’t give up now.

Lots of love,

13 years old Bariyah

Revival of letter writing


Letters were always the most beautiful form of communication. Sleek envelopes, crisp, creamy papers made the letter writing a pretty task. It is basically an art. Choosing a paper, stamp, envelope and waiting for the arrival of a letter, is it not a beautiful art?
But unfortunately it has died. Now with one click you can send an email thousands of miles away. But an email lacks etiquettes and a proper discipline. Nobody has the time to write a good, composed letter. Seeing this sad demise of letter, Drew Bartkiewicz, founded the app “lettrs”.


I am not here to promote the app. I wanted people to revive the art of writing letter through this app. With one look at it, I completely fell in love with this app, as if I was always looking for it. The app has numerous writing themes to suit your mood. You can search different letters through filters like staff picks, pen pals or tags. And guess what, you can actually send a letter to your pen pals, a real letter. Isn’t that amazing? I haven’t tried it yet but I think it is cool. Every few months, the staff of lettrs organizes small competitions. Last month they asked us to write a list of songs which we can incorporate in our lives. These small tings make the app all interesting. If you don’t want to write a public letter, you can choose a private category.

This app is great for creating daily writing habits, conveying your meaning to the world or for simply expressing your hidden emotions. By expressing your deep emotions, you can even surprise yourself. Just go and take a look at it. I am sure everyone, including people who are not writers, will take a liking to it. It is available for both android and apple phones.

The importance of daily writing

It is true that writers are born but it doesn’t mean that other people can’t write. I believe that everybody has a writer in him. Some nourish it until it blossoms while other suppresses it until it is only a tiny bud buried deep inside the soil. Daily writing has a lot of advantages. It is an obligation you should fulfill everyday even if it means writing only two lines. Today I am going to highlight a few important points on writing daily.


• Discipline
By sitting at a proper place with no distractions, writing daily, you create a sense of discipline in your life. This discipline will gradually be followed in your day to day activities. Sitting in a calm place also soothes the mind.
• Self help
People who are fighting depression or other kind of mental diseases, writing is a great self help tool for them. It can help to let go of negativity and bad feelings. Believe me, it can give you sense of ease and satisfaction, like a heavy burden has been unloaded from your shoulders.
• Great writers
Small writing habits and tiny articles can eventually lead you to become a great writer if you really put your heart and soul to it. Stephen King and J.K.Rowling,both emphasize on creating daily writing habits. Nobody can become the author of bestselling books without practice. Practicing daily is the key. There are no shortcuts in writing.



It has been after few dark, rainy days

that the sun finally came out

The moon kissed the sun

spoon its arrival

The sun blushed, hiding behind the clouds

The people on Earth rejoiced

The rainbow also came,

adding topping to the delicious desert.

7 must read books before the end of this year

Here is the list of seven awesome books :-

  1. On writing: Memoir of the craft by Stephen King


It is memoir of great horror fiction writer Stephen King. It serves as a guide and a helping tool for people who have just begun to write. In this book, King writes about the events that led to him being a successful writer. Stephen says that it is necessary to develop writing habits. He stresses on the importance of daily writing.

2. Letters to my daughter by Maya Angelou


It is amazing to see that a woman with no daughter dedicating a whole book to her.When I was reading this book I felt it my own mom has written this for me. It is addressed to all women  and girls in the world. Maya Angelou had an outstanding personality and her real self becomes more clear by reading this book.

3. The forty rules of love by Elif Shafak.

download (5)

You have heard the name, right? All the book lovers must have already read the book but if someone has missed it by any chance then now is the time to read it. This is the best spiritual book I have read after Alchemy of Coelho.

It is a about a woman named Ella who had everything in life, a loving home with three children but  devoid of love, A spiritual book of Rumi took her on a journey of love.

4. Inferno by Dan Brown

download (1)

This is the latest book by our beloved writer Dan brown.It didn’t live up to the expectation after the thrillers like “the lost symbol” and “Da vinchi code” but still it is hard to miss reading it. Dan Brown is a bit like J.K.Rowling in a sense that he has a ability to grasp readers attention and take them into his world. It stares Robert Langdon who is a Haverd professor. Dan Brown has done a lot of research and has taken inspiriation from “The Divine Comedy”.

5. I am Malala by Malala and Christina Lamb

download (4)

A  girl conquered Talibans by the power of education. We salute you Malala for not bowing down. This book is about her life and her time under Taliban rule.

6. Before I go to sleep by S.J.Watson

download (3)

This is the number one thriller in my list. It is about a woman Christine Lucas who wakes up every day, remembering nothing about the previous day. It is because of a accident she had 18 years ago. This book will keep you glued until the last page.

7. Cuckoo’s calling by Robert Galbraith

download (2)

Love J.K.Rowling? Of course you do. This is a novel of J.K.Rowling written under the pseudonym Robert. It is not like Harry Potter, it is a detective novel. She has always wanted to write a thriller and this is her first. Its sequel “The silkworm” has been released.

It is about a model who commits a suicide but her brother thinks otherwise and hires a private detector to investigate the case.

My “mind things”


My  head pounding fierecheely

My thoughts swirling in a large circle

They are making me  dizzy, nauseatic

“Stop, please stop”, I cried

But all in vain

I wait for some miracle to happen

Because I know this mental disorder

wont leave me easily.

Last moments of her life

The waves of ocean were moving peacefully,
The wind was blowing calmly
Shadows of her last stage.
Her eyes shut,
Her face worn a smile
She was all quiet,
Not at all afraid.
It was like God was
helping her through her last moment.

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