Love forever


I love you like the glow of a rising Sun
That spreads its light everywhere
I love you like the tear drop on my face
That reminds me how tough I am
I love you like the aroma of coffee
That sets my brain on fire
I love you like the sand on a creamy beach
That reminds me how we

hold on to each other in times of despair,
like you hold the soft sand in your hands
I love you like the rose that never blossomed
Because we all have imperfections

and I love  that you are not perfect
I love you like the pages of my diary
That listens to my childish ramblings
I know in my heart that I will love you
Until every part of me leaves this world.


I have you


In the world of lies and deceit

My life is being torn apart

But I have you,

my pure water stream

running down

like strings of pearl

Your love is a silver lining

in my cloud of despair

How can this world bring harm to me,

When I have your warmth

to hold me tight when  I lose it all.

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