I remember that day

It is crystal clear in my head

How we were laughing together

Your each smile

was a sparkle in my heart

That sparkle never died

although that smile faded away

Now all I do is cherish those memories

that are entwined with my every heartbeat




Tell me, my tormentor

Is my only sin to love thy?

My heart blossomed when you were around

But why o’ why?

You crushed my happiness

with a stamp of a foot

All those beautiful memories,

you drained them down,

mercilessly you broke every vow,

silently you ended it all.

Without you


It has been so long
So many years
That I haven’t seen you
My heart crave for your presence,
for your love
At night I don’t count the stars
I just look at them
Because they look beautiful
and they remind me of you
Wherever you are
I just wanna tell you
one thing
I love you
always and forever
Nothing will ever be the same
without you.

I am losin’ it


I am losing

my mind

my heart

And even my soul

Everything I once held close

is now going slowly and gradually

Sometimes it goes faster

and hurts even more

I don’t want to lose it all

But I don’t have much choice

I am losing,

this is the bitter truth

Happily ever after


Hand in hand with him,

Dancing and singing

He is my world

He looks amazing in black

and I in white

We vowed, we promised

to love each other for infinity

No wounds and no stitches

Only love

His heart is my heaven

I will never leave it

I will live there

happily ever after.

Burying her dreams


She took a handful of her dreams

and buried them deep

Her hands filled with the aroma

of sand

The light in her heart dimmed

Maybe this was not the place for her dreams,

thought she

So she took them out

and buried them in her heart

She folded her arms around her chest

as if protecting her shallow dreams

The light in her heart illuminated,




I held on to you
for immeasurable time
I have kept finding you
in the night sky
I have kept looking out of my window
hoping against hoping
that I would see you
like the old times
But all I see is white, cold breeze
gripping my heart
I haven’t given up
I will find you, my love
I will find you

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