Getting lost in the aroma of fresh coffee

I reflect on my life

The near death experiences, the overflowing joy

My life is an amalgam

A set of beautiful but painful memories

That sometimes keep me awake at night

and sometimes they are my motivations for a bright tomorrow

Magnificent and Divine


I have felt You in my heart
like feelings of pure joy

I have heard You in the raindrops
tickling down the leaves

I have smelled Your aroma
in the garden of roses

I have read You in the enlightened Quran

You are always there
You make my depression disappear
You turn my grief into felicity

But I can’t claim to love You
Because You are
Magnificent and divine
And I am unworthy and vile.

Happiness is within you

Our lives are full of problems. I view life as a small lump of sugar with hundreds of tiny ants. The lump is a life and ants are the life problems. This very scenario can give you a headache. But you have to understand that it is LIFE. It is not a HEAVEN. When they say that life is not a bed of roses, they are right. Absolutely right.


You know, you can live your life the way you want regardless of your situation because happiness is within you. You only have to prod your inner positivity and find out. I know it is not easy. When you are jammed up with problems, you can think of everything except happiness. But you can either remain stuck in that situation or find a way to get past it.

Sometimes there is a period in our lives when nothing seems right, when there is no possible solution to our problems. But you don’t have to solve every problem, you just have to get past it happily and without complaining. I used to be an ungrateful brat who complained a lot. Then I took part in some therapy sessions to cure my depression. All therapies taught me to  be grateful even in the midst of a storm. I never understood the meaning of it until I stopped complaining. Believe me my whole life changed. It was  basically my attitude that changed and everything, all of a sudden started looking all right. Crazy isn’t it?  There is nothing seriously wrong with life, it is our perspective that shapes how we perceive it.

So folks, stop complaining, be grateful for what God has given you, you will notice a dramatic change in your everyday life. In every sorrow there is a hidden happiness.  Khalil Gibran rightly said:

“Some of you say, “Joy is greater than sorrow,” and others say, “Nay, sorrow is the greater.”

But I say unto you, they are inseparable”.

My Pakistan


We stand in a big ground

Singing the anthem with full devotion

The green, white flag soaring high in the sky

Our faces beaming with pure joy

Wondering how blessed we are

We thank God for bestowing us with this land,

The land of pure


Amid chaos and terrorism she stands

Fighting with courage never seen before

We are so proud of you

And we promise we will never let you down

This is the land we live for

This is the land we will die for

This is my country, my Pakistan!

A new hope

This is my 4th post in 21st writing challenge hosted by Jeff Goin

Bathing in the moonlight

She sat across the river

She looked at the moon

And a smile out of nowhere

came upon her lips

She wished that she could be that sparkling

So that she could ignite the light

In the world full of darkness


She got up with

A joy in her heart

The moon gave her

A new hope.

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