The crimson hue of the sun disappearing

The darkness invades

At the sea shore I stand

With tears running down my eyes

It was hard to say goodbye now

When all the cherished memories

were circling my head

But the fate is cruel

And the were gone

The waves up and down

The nightingale singing

The songs of loneliness

It was published in Us magazine (The News Pakistan) on 26 July 2013

A Letter to myself

This is my 11th post in 21 day writing challenge hosted by Jeff Goin.


Dear Bariyah,
Solitude is bliss. Its like flying in the air and flowing over the water at the same time. Solitude gives you the sense of freedom. With freedom comes overflowing cup of happiness. And happiness is something rare in your life. I understand that is the reason you crave solitude so much. But you can’t live your life in the bubble of solitude. You have to make a choice. In your choice, you may have to sacrifice something close to you. Choose wisely!
Emiline (your inner voice)

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