Some verses

Seeing your wounds

Seeing you in so much pain

that you cant even scream

I should feel great

I should feel that kind of satisfaction

when you have won a battle

But honestly

I don’t feel anything

You have gotten what you

inflicted upon yourself

The only best thing I can do

is to leave you

and never come back

A rug

Life is like a rug

made with stones on the border

and yarn in the middle

It is soft in the middle

full of beautiful memories

On the edges it is hard

There are thorns that make wince in pain



I,ruthlessly, hold a bow high

aiming right at his chest

Because I don’t feel anything

Nothingness, all empty

My heart has become indifferent

with no perception of pain,

no sense of fear

The essence of pain,

the essence of fear

Is all lost to me.

The pain

I cut open my wounds

The blood oozing from the them

giving me sharp  pleasure

The pain feels sacred,

almost spiritual



I want to drown

in the ocean of blood

I am bleeding

The wound on my wrist

is deep

I wanna leave quickly

I have already suffered too much

The pain killed me

but it never defeated me

 And today I say, goodbye pain



She remained firm facing tough times

They remained cruel, forcing her to surrender

She remained stable, drying her tears

They remained hard, multiplying her sorrow

She remained strong, trying to hold on

They remained brutal, destroying her from inside

She remained unshaken, nursing her bruises

They remained harsh, increasing her pain

She remained happy, overcoming her sadness

They remained helpless in killing her happiness.



The dark night
The dark thoughts
I wavered, I hesitated
But my depresses, revengeful mind urged me to go on,

to take revenge from them.
I inflicted pain,
So much pain that they cried in anguish
Their cries were melody to my ears
I told them, ‘Beware, revenge is not sweet
You will be killed,
I will be killed,
Beware… ’

The many forms of pain

Standing in the ice cold water in the beach

I felt like a cold knife had pierced my heart

Like I was falling down from a long staircase


That sinking feeling was killing me

By then the sun had risen

It’s crimson hue warming my heart

And I knew that everything was not lost

It was the new beginning

The new pain

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