The Land of Pure


We stand in the large ground

Singing the national anthem with full devotion

The white, green flag soaring high in the sky

Our faces beaming with pure joy

We wonder how blessed we are

And we thank God for bestowing us

with the land of pure

Amid chaos and terrorism it  stands

fighting with courage never seen before

We are so proud of you

and we promise,

we won’t let you down

This is the land we live for

This is the land we will die for

Pakistan Zindabad!!



The dream of Iqbal

The impossible turned into reality

The hard work of Quaid

The sacrifice of million lives

The gold, glistering Oscar

The fearless nuclear

The blood of a martyr

This is my country

This is my Pakistan

My vision of my life when I am older


I am grateful for the life given to me. I am grateful for all my blessings. I love myself the way I am but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to improve my general image or my lifestyle. Life demands change from you. I want to have a successful career when I am older. I want to get rid of my mental diseases to improve my health. But this is not my main aim. My main aim is helping others. I have dedicated my life to my beautiful country Pakistan and to her people. She needs me. Whatever I am today and whatever I will be tomorrow is because of this country. I can’t leave it in the time of crisis.


    As I suffer from OCD and depression, I want to open a free mental institute for people who need guidance and enlightenment regarding the mental health.  This institute will spread awareness and will tell the world that mentally disable people are also humans and they deserve a normal life.


    And the next important thing for me is to open a street children foundation. The street children ratio in Pakistan has increased dramatically. My eyes are filled with tears whenever I see them. It is heart breaking. I feel helpless as I can’t do anything except give them a little money. They need much more than money. They deserve a perfect childhood full of hugs, teddy bears and pretty toys. They deserve healthy food, shelter love, care and above all a good education. Many street children work in the houses of rich people where they are often maltreated. I want to help them. I wish my this dream come true not for my sake but the sake of the future of people living in this country.

At the end I want you guys to help anyone who needs your help. This is not only for developing countries but also for the developed countries. Needy people are everywhere. Start the act of kindness even if it’s small for no act of kindness is ever wasted.

Tell me in the comments how would you like your life to be when you are older 🙂



   I am afraid of falling sky

       I am afraid of burning hell

          I am afraid of shaking Earth

       I am afraid of losing things

That I hold dear

But above all

 I fear Taliban’s motives

   And what they would do

to my beloved country

I fear…

Peshawar massacre


The Peshawar massacre,
The air was still that day,
and the next day,
and even after the next day
The deafening silence,
The heavy fog
even at noon
As if the nature was
covering and protecting
the world
from the merciless humans…
The flowers never blossomed,
The trees mourned,
The sun refused to smile
It was cold
So cold,
as if your heart is
being ripped apart
The cold bloodshed…

My Pakistan


We stand in a big ground

Singing the anthem with full devotion

The green, white flag soaring high in the sky

Our faces beaming with pure joy

Wondering how blessed we are

We thank God for bestowing us with this land,

The land of pure


Amid chaos and terrorism she stands

Fighting with courage never seen before

We are so proud of you

And we promise we will never let you down

This is the land we live for

This is the land we will die for

This is my country, my Pakistan!

It is not Malal’s fault

this is my 6th post in 21 day writing challenge


  Everybody knows Malala, not only in Pakistan but she is known worldwide for her stand on education. But if you are living in Pakistan you either support Malala or you call her American agent. But whichever groups you belong to, you need to make few things clear.

      Well, Malala like all the children of swat never had a childhood like ours. While we had no worries, she and her family lived under the constant fear of Taliban and not to mention the fear of closing down of her school. She realized the importance of education because it was taken from her by force. And while many of us were busy in our lives, she was out there taking a stand for girls’ education.

      Few days ago I was reading an article and in which the writer said that women are dying in Palestine and you wonder why we hate Malala. Is this a joke? How can it be Malala’s fault? She has got nothing to do with her. Some people argue that she got so much attention but the other women dying for this country don’t get much recognition. For God sake, she did not ask for the attention, did she? We, Pakistanis, gave her that attention. And who says that we don’t value the sacrifice of other women? We value the sacrifice made by them and we sincerely hope that it does not go in vain.

       Another point that people argue on is that 25 million children in Pakistan are out of school and she is getting free education in England. 25 million children are not her responsibility. Its government responsibility and they should fulfill it. And in case you forgot, Malala’s father made a school and she gave much of her award money to the girls who could not afford education.

      I think Pakistan is a nation of confused people. We always want a hero but when that hero is born, we are not sure whether to recognize him/her as hero or to go against him/her. Maybe its time we overcome this confusion and start giving credit to people who deserve it.

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