Fraction of a second

The colours of rainbow

fade in front of her eyes

The earth trembles beneath

her feet

 The beauty of his eyes

disappear      instantly

And her life crumbles

in a fraction of a second.




Love forever


I love you like the glow of a rising Sun
That spreads its light everywhere
I love you like the tear drop on my face
That reminds me how tough I am
I love you like the aroma of coffee
That sets my brain on fire
I love you like the sand on a creamy beach
That reminds me how we

hold on to each other in times of despair,
like you hold the soft sand in your hands
I love you like the rose that never blossomed
Because we all have imperfections

and I love  that you are not perfect
I love you like the pages of my diary
That listens to my childish ramblings
I know in my heart that I will love you
Until every part of me leaves this world.


My poem “Colors” published in Us magazine.



Another poem published  in Us magazine



Our story


Oh my love,

let’s talk about you and me

How you you make me laugh

till I clench my stomach

How that night you told me

you love me like dewdrops in the cozy mornings,

like a starry night with a sparkling moon

like soft music and the waterfall

Oh my love how you held my tears

as if they were pure diamonds

My love,

our story is like a wild dream

or a funny fairy tale.



I remember that day

It is crystal clear in my head

How we were laughing together

Your each smile

was a sparkle in my heart

That sparkle never died

although that smile faded away

Now all I do is cherish those memories

that are entwined with my every heartbeat



In between the lines of my song

In between the neural pathways of my brain

I see melancholy

making more neural connections,

giving me more sad songs,

holding my lungs

and making me gasp

for breath.

I have you


In the world of lies and deceit

My life is being torn apart

But I have you,

my pure water stream

running down

like strings of pearl

Your love is a silver lining

in my cloud of despair

How can this world bring harm to me,

When I have your warmth

to hold me tight when  I lose it all.

No escape


These blurry hallucinations,

these illusions

are driving me crazy

And this force is tearing

me apart

I wanna scream

but my throat is being strangled

I want to be free

But there is no escape

from the binding forces

that are present within me

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